2. Click here:Reviving the Paddy Cultivation : 15/7/2017
  3. Click here: Inculcating the Values of Farming : 10/7/2017
  4. Click here: In Progress : 6/7/2017
  5. Click here : Visit to Assam (SRI) : 24-25/6/2017
  6. Click here : SRI Project : 20/5/2017
  7. Click here :Prospective Lead Farmer’s Exposure visit: 15-20/5/2017
  8. Click here : Visit to Phueluma : 14/5/2017
  9. Click here: SJI and farmers at international Agri-Horti Show, Guwahati, Assam: 16/01/2017
  10. System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Crop Cut Day : 14/11/2016
  11. Click here: SRI crop cut: 13th November,2016
  12. Click here: Trial SRI Paddy Field-continued story of 4th October, 2016: 9th october,2016
  13. Click here: SRI trail farm: 4th October,2016
  14. Click here:Paying farmers to go organic: 19th July,2016
  15. Click here:SRI is being piloted at Rekhay for the first time; 5th July,2016
  16. Click here: Construction of mini tank for Bongtere vegetable group:22nd April, 2016
  17. Click here: Lead farmer training: 11th March, 2016
  18. Click here: Basic seed saving: 2nd February,2016
  19. Click here: Training on soil conservation, seed saving, fungus and compost making in Menchari: 5th January, 2016
  20. Click here: A continuing Journey towards self-reliance: 26th November to 9th December,2015
  21. Click here: Offering of manure for the Ludrong memorail garden in Thimphu: 3rd November,2015
  22. Click here: Farmers training farmers: 2nd November, 2015
  23. Click here: Through its organic agriculture, SJI aims to