Building a GNH Village at Menchari

Menchari is a village under Orong Gewog, Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag, 12KM away from Dewathang and about half-an-hour walk from the road head. It is proximate to Aerong Mithun Breeding farm. There are 23 households (one empty) with 159 people of whom only 77 reside in the village (45 are students and 15 public servants with 22 family members). The village is electrified and almost every household has tapped drinking water. Although it is close to the road head, it does not have access road. It is one of the villages that is least reached.

The commemorative dream project was formally launched on December 15, 2015 in the colourful presence of the Menchari community, Orgong Gup & his team, SJI & 11 interns from Gaeddu College of Business Studies (9) & College of Natural Resources (2), Lobesa & guests from financial institutions. It was graced by Denzhong Rinpoche, a revered Lama in Orong Gewog who is playing a significant role in bringing about social change in the Gewog, in particular alcoholism.

A model village? What does it entail?

In essence it is about ensuring people’s health –physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, social and ecological harmony, empowering people economically and politically to enable them to make mindful choices of their lives for sustained and collective wellbeing. In simple practical terms, it is about nutrition & sanitation, familial and communal harmony, of sharing and loving, effective engagement, self-reliance, preserving local knowledge & skills and internalizing values of contentment, cause & effect, loyalty & trust, interdependence, etc. among others.