Bhutan has experienced phenomenal economic growth in recent years but at what cost? Modernization has often tended to proceed mindlessly. Waste is becoming an increasing problem even in remote areas like Langchenphu, Serthi and Lauri gewogs in Samdrup Jongkhar; posing an escalating threat to the environment and human health. It is not difficult to see all these crises are the outcomes of our own lifestyle that is determined by powerful ethics of consumerism.

Langchenphu Gewog administration in collaboration with the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI), jointly conducted an advocacy program on the softer aspects of Zero Waste management system on 24/2/2017 at Langchenphu Gewog center in Jomotsangkha Dungkhag, Samdrup Jongkhar. The participants were also introduced to the concept of Zero Waste craft which drew great interest among the participants especially the women. SJI has extended support to those who are interested in zero waste craft practices and SJI will provide technical support.

The program was attended by more than a hundred of people – farmers, students, shopkeepers, civil servants, corporate workers, and armed – forces. The program was funded under Gewog Development Grant of Langchenphu.


Participants with enthusiasm.

Zero waste craft exhibition.


Demo on zero waste craft techniques.

Q&A session with participants.