The 7 day mindfulness camp, held at Chokyi Gyatso Institute Dewathang ended on 26th December, 2016. Its content included meditation, mindful offering of butter lamps, selection of local agriculture produced, waste minimization, cooking, eating & walking, karma yoga (work as practice) & sharing of experiences. SJI as mindful choices, universal human values as a skilful means (by Director, JNEC) & contemplative education (by Dr. Yang Gyeltshen, LME lead teacher) as being integral to mindful teaching-learning were also presented at the camp. Post camp school activities & experiences were shared by the participants of the 2nd camp. The participants proposed about 25 activities, which could possibly be implemented in schools. A platform for continued dialogue among participants, participants-SJI-CGI, etc. has been created.

The camp was resourced by Yangsid Drubgyud Tenzin Norbu. There were 43 camp attendees: 22 teachers, 9 lopens from CGI, 3 civil servants, 3 youth from Menchari village (GNH model village) & 6 from SJI. The camp is integral to SJI’s education program (LME) conducted annually, primarily targeted for educators. 3 camps have been conducted till date with over 100 attendees.




Meditation in progress. 3 young girls in the front are from Menchari

Institutionalizing mindfulness










A mindful meal -prepared, served and eaten mindfully. One truly enjoys the food.

Meal being served mindfully.









Drinking tea mindfully?

Aspiration prayers before karma yoga (work as practice)


Q & A -driving away ignorance!

When interests meet, language is no barrier. Ata Daza, a progressive farmer explains composting to a camp attendee. Exhibition was organized to illustrate mindfulness in practice.















JNEC Director Andu introducing universal human values to the participants.

Walking meditation










Searching for his mind!

Sun rise as seen from the Guru hall (morning meditation session)