SJI engaged 96 educators of Samdrup Jongkhar dzongkhag, who were attending the dzongkhag level curriculum conference from 9-10 October, 2016 with the theme ‘Rethinking Education”. It is a nationwide initiative, a move that invited grass root participation of educators from all the schools in the country to share their concerns, issues and provide suggestions in curriculum development, implementation and evaluation matters. SJI’s focus was on values and relevance.

The Honorable Education Minister while addressing the gathering recalled His Majesty’s address at the 3rd convocation of Royal University of Bhutan for Samtse and Paro Colleges of Education, February 17, 2009, where He said, “… we must first ask ourselves where we want to go as an economy, a democracy, as a nation. In other words, what is the Vision for Bhutan? Then we must build an education system that nurtures people with the right skills, knowledge and training to fulfill this Vision. … I feel that there is no better reason to use this word (vision) than to describe the importance of education. For if our Vision for the nation is not contained in the pages of the books that our young children hold, in the words of our teachers as they lead their classrooms, and in the education policies of our governments, then let it be said – we have no Vision.”


Educators from different schools under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag participated in the dzongkhag level curriculum conference.