We are happy to publish three “Local Knowledge Products” developed through a write shop with our farmers in April 2022. The knowledge products present local/traditional knowledge on Nine Traditional Cereals, methods of preparing Local Suja Tea Leaves, and Farm Yard Manure in the form of illustrated posters.
The knowledge products were developed in collaboration with the Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector and local farmers as part of the ARDC-CARLEP-funded project.
Thanks to the authors, editors, artists, and graphic designers who were involved in bringing it to visual form.
SJI will distribute the posters to schools, the dzongkhag agriculture sector, gewogs, and other educational institutions in the hopes of preserving and disseminating the invaluable knowledge passed down from our forefathers.

Knowledge product published

Methods of preparing Organic Cow Dung Manure/fertilizer.


Process of preparing Local Tea Leaf.