I grew up in a farming family in Bangtsho, a remote village of Dewathang, Samdrup Jongkhar with three other siblings. I was the youngest in my family. Even as a boy, I saw many people migrating to towns looking for jobs and opportunities to lead a more comfortable life.
But I never wanted to leave my village, Bangtsho in search of a better life, leaving behind the place I grew up with my family, friends, relatives, and neighbors. I always thought that if better livelihood was why people left their villages for, I knew that there were plenty of opportunities in a village like Bangtsho.
And today at 32, I am happy to share that I do not regret having stayed back in my village for I can grow food for myself and my family. I am also glad that my effort in farming is also contributing to the country’s national vision of sustainable organic farming.
While I do not make a fortune living in the village, but the sale of my farm produces like milk, vegetables, cereals, seeds, compost do fetch me enough to say, “I’m doing okay for myself with a monthly income of Nu 15,000”. I also engage in parting knowledge on organic farming, bio-gas, animal health and waste management something I have learned living in the village.
But more than anything I am glad that I do not have to rely on exported food except for salt, sugar, and oil. My family eats healthy food.
While many people may disagree with me, I feel that farming is the only way to reverse ever-growing rural-urban migration. Farming through my experience is also the most satisfying of the jobs that can keep people happy and self-reliant. Farming never fails to make one accomplished.