Learning to make films from scratch! Expressing through films!

SJI and Deer Park Institute, India are jointly organizing a film making training from February 1-4, 2017, at Jigme Namgyel Engineering College (JNEC), Dewathang. It will be facilitated by Tuning Fork Films, India. Skills involved will be processing a story, scripting and visualizing a film, understanding the fundamentals of a camera, exploring visual composition and aesthetics, video editing, team work, etc.

15 prospective trainees with genuine interest in film making are invited for the training.

Profile of participants: 14 years of age and above. They should have some digital skills such as desktop skills like MS office, computer handling, etc. Prior knowledge of photography, video shooting or editing is NOT MANDATORY.

Selection criteria: Participants shall be selected on the basis of their commitment to learn film making and to eventually put it to meaningful use, talent/aptitude, desire to tell stories, creativity, etc. Having a camera and/or laptop may also be used as a selection criterion.

Participants shall send their expression of interest with documents in relation of the above mentioned criteria, if any, to SJI justifying their selection for the training.

Training is free of cost. Lunch and tea will be served.

For more details, contact Sonam Tshering or Karma Choki at sonam@sji.bt or 17596355 & karmac@sji.bt or17983530.

Seats are limited!