On Friday March 24th, 2017 the LME students and their teachers went on an educational field trip to the Dewri River. After a steep hike down the mountain and through the jungle we practiced a few minutes of meditation and then dived into the river to cool off. Students were able to follow up on many of the lessons they had learned, including bird watching with the newly donated binoculars from the Scottish RSPB, making fire with a bow drill, and identifying many plants, some with medicinal properties. We had a picnic lunch, eaten off leaves collected by the river, and boiled water for tea on the fire. Some students found a few “chitta kampa” (fresh water prawns) which they carefully observed and released. On the way back up the mountain the students picked up any litter they found which was thankfully not much.

”Mind over matter”

Students meditating at Dewri River


Labu laga (used to eat on)

Having fun!


Wild bee colony

Students observing fish and prawns


Chitta Kampa (prawn)

A student helped carry a three legged dog over the river

Making fire using bow drill

Bird watching



















Lunch on banana leaves

Wild orchid