SJI’s Lhomon Education (LME) program and Chokyi Gyatso Institute (CGI) jointly organized a half day dump site cleaning at Bangtso village on 27th May, 2017, to educate the community members (who are responsible for illegally dumping the waste) on waste prevention and management.

More than 50 monks (LME students), few lopons and 4 LME teachers took part in the program. They have collected approximately 1000 kilograms of waste which mostly consist of plastic wrappers, PET bottles and Tetra packs. It will be further segregated and recycled.

While collecting the garbage, students raised their eye brows after witnessing a death remain of monkey in the middle of the piled garbage. What caused the death? Why in the middle of the garbage? How the death has happened? And who is responsible? These are some of the questions they still hold in their heads with no answers.

Community members have agreed to stop dumping their waste. SJI will further train them on the basics of zero waste management system.

Community service brings learning beyond the classroom.

Educating community members on waste prevention and management.

So small… but so concerned… about our environment.


Waste collected.

Leading the way through Learning, understanding and practicing.







Joy of learning through community service.