As a part of SJI youth engagement program and capacity building of SJI employees, SJI in partnership with Deer Park Institute, India conducted a film making workshop from 1/02/2017-4/02/2017 at JNEC (Jigme Namgyel Engineering College), Dewathang. There were 28 participants from Choki Gyatso Institute, JNEC, Sherubtse College, Garpawoong Middle Secondary, Dungsam Academy and SJI including its students. It was resourced, pro bono, by the Director of Tuning Fork Film and his competent team. The workshop was not simply about making a film but was also about its content and the purpose. It helped foster creativity, artistic expressions and develop technical skills.
The participants learned to make films from scratch, to understand the basics of storytelling, shooting and editing. How to read a film, processing a story, scripting and storyboarding, visual composition and video shooting, video editing and making one’s own film and team work was the key components of a 4 day film workshop. Through a combination of intense sessions, hands-on practice and team work, participants left the workshop having made their own films, which will soon be uploaded on SJI’s YouTube. The premiere show was attended by the Director of JNEC and the kids on campus. It was fun but hard work!
SJI aspires to build perspective in an individual and use film, photography, etc. as a medium for self-reflection, education, empowerment, social change and why not, employment!
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”