Farmer representatives from Dewathang, Orong and Gomdar gewogs, farmer experts, assistant dzongkhag agriculture officer and SJI met on March 28, 2017 to discuss on the fields of trainings, duration, responsibility of lead farmers and a lead farmers’ manual. Lead farmers were identified through various processes of consultation and selection – public meeting (e.g. monthly milk society’s meeting), vegetable groups and agriculture extensive agents.

Five days training on organic compost and pest management, seed growing and saving and grafting will be conducted on lead farmer MC Gurung’s integrated farm for 9 prospective lead farmers (2 women; 2 youth) from the three gewogs. Post-training plan of action will be developed at the training site. The training will be monitored by SJI and agriculture extension agents, if available.

This program is funded by Commercial Agriculture and Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Prpgramme (CAREP) through Agriculture Research Development Center (ARDC), Wengkhar.

“Farmers as the indigenous experts and communal drive, ownership, harmony and governance are at the core to SJI’s programs.”