As a part of the Value Orientation Week (VOW) program at SamdrupJongkhar Middle Secondary School, a group of teachers who attended the Mindfulness Camp at Chokyi Gyatso Institute, coordinated by the SJI, made a brief presentation on Mindfulness. The team covered topics on basic introduction to Mindfulness and discussed its advantages, both experiential and scientific using fitting visual resources courtesy to SJI.
Meditation (Shamatha Meditation) was introduced as a keytool to attaining mindfulness. Although the three types of meditation were briefly introduced viz. Breathing meditation, Gazing meditation and Walking meditation, the team could only find time and space for practicing Breathing meditation during the session. The presenters presented on the ideals of Karma Yoga and shared plans to practice it as an integral part of the school’s ongoing SUPW program.
The team also shared about the new programs and proposals that were geared towards facilitating an ideal atmosphere to nurture a genuine essence of mindfulness in the school. Some of the programs included initiation of a Mindfulness Club, a mandatory meditation session before every class and a proposal for a meditation hall.
– UgyenKelzang, Teacher, SJMSS