Unlike many other rural communities in Samdrup Jongkhar, Menchari village has more than 50% of young population who chose to become a farmer after their high school graduate.

Further, building trust with their elderly ones, cohesiveness amongst young ones, creating self-employment opportunities and inculcating the sense of community belongingness has further motivated more young people to stay back in the village.

Currently, youth are pioneering all the developmental activities with GNH spirit, shouldering important responsibilities, and of course, they are the drive of positive change now.

Looking at this positive transition with our little intervention in last more than 3 years, we are optimistic that Menchari GNH Pilot village will become a GNH Model village for all to see, feel, experience and replicate.

Coinciding with the summer vacation of students, Menchari youth group and SJI is carrying out a several activities like paddy cultivation, construction of Mani Dungkor, renovation of Chorten, farm road maintenance and some economic activities.

Group of youth maintaining the farm road


Chorten renovation