SRI pilot project with one farmer in Rekhey village under Dewathang Gewog has been successful. Gross yield of 2156 kg/acre was noted in SRI method, while 1176 kg/acre in conventional method – in conversion to an acre. The difference is 980 kg/acre.

Along with the crop cut, awareness has been created among the farmers and 13 of them from Rekhey village has come forward and registered with SJI to adapt SRI methods from next season. These farmers will be further trained on SRI methods and provide necessary support wherever they require with SRI project support from Bhutan Foundation.

The crop cut day was observed in presence of Assistant Dzongkhag Agriculture Officer (ADAO), Dewathang Gewog Agriculture Extension Officer (AEO), farmers from Rekhey and Menchari villages, students from Chokyi Gyatso Institute and SJI staff.

Note:- This is raw information collected immediately after the harvest. Final comparative figure will be posted duly after the analysis.