On the invitation of the Additional Chief Secretary & Agriculture Production Commissioner, Government of Assam and the Director General, Indian Chamber of Commerce, SJI led 7 farmers’ delegation to the 4th Assam International Agri-Horti Show. It was held from 6th – 9th January, 2017; it is an annual event. Two young farmers from Youth in Agriculture Program from Tsimasham, Chukha also participated in the show.

540 exhibitors from 10 countries exhibited horticulture, floriculture, system of rice intensification (SRI) plantation, farming machinery including irrigation technology and tools, bamboo craft, seeds, processed food products, spices, compost, etc. Over 200000 people visited the show every day.

Our farmers exhibited dried vegetables, traditional seeds, grains and zero waste crafts (SJI). Farmer Sangay said, “There is so much to learn from them; but there is much more for them to learn from Bhutan – organic farming, our rich tradition and culture, which is far more valuable than economic returns and marketing”.

The SJI team and the farmers also visited Chhaygaon, 70 km distant from Guwahati, to meet the SRI farmers (supported by an NGO). SJI will organize a farmers’ exchange program during the forthcoming plantation season. Possibility of creating SRI farmers’ network will be explored. Marketing for dried vegetables will also be explored.


Studying deeply …

Farmers showcasing traditional seeds, dried vegetables, grains and zero waste craft




Meeting with an NGO that promotes SRI in Assam.



With our youth farmer from Youth in Agriculture Programme; Bhutan


Farmers sharing their experience in SRI.

Our farmers witnessing SRI demonstration.

Demo on making vermi compost.

Exploring appropriate technologies.


Our farmers learning the best practices of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) at Chhaygaon, Assam where 4997 farmers practise SRI.

SJI talking about the importance of organic agriculture at Agri-Horti show conference.