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Samdrup jongkhar initiative is one of the main source in learning, exploring and educating oneself among the youths and others.
Organization work with the small step towards enriching the country’s biodiversity and preservation of country’s traditional culture, as the organization don’t value the gold but value what it looks like gold from the Bhutan.
SJI try to create opportunities for the local youths through internship, workshop and letting the ones to engage in training programs.
“The only source of knowledge is experience ” As for me the SJI was a hard teacher because the organization gives the test first, the lessons afterwards.
It has helped me to cultivate my level of awareness about wastes, preservation of culture and country’s biodiversity.
And my field of experience was beyond my expectations.
I am privilege to work as an intern in SJI office


Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI) is a project under a registered Civil Society Organization (CSO) known as Lhomon Society(LMS). SJI creates awareness and educate among youth and others on true essence of Gross National Happiness (GNH). It is a platform where one can grow and understand what and how GNH should look like.
The day I joined as volunteer on 4th July, 2017, I was provided with volunteer workplan. Each day I was occupied doing something useful to self and others. My vacation was never boring or wasted. Instead I had an opportunity to learn new things. So my job now is to exhibit things I learned and also inculcate values from being associated with SJI.
Thank you SJI team beyond sky and the earth for providing me the opportunity.


On the 1st day of my internship I walked inside the office of SJI, the floor was clean and then I was asked to sit down. The floor was very clean because nobody wore their slippers inside the office but I was with my slippers on. Immediately after knowing that the slippers weren’t allowed I got up and took off my slippers. This very first rule of the SJI amazed me and the notion of respect towards the office rose deep within me that very first day. Then days passed and experiences I was gaining was load. From working in the office to the dealing with the people practically, I was learning those things in bits. During the one month internship, I came to learn more than I expected. I learnt about the challenges and the responsibilities of an employee. The field trips were educational and it also helped me value the hard work of farmers. I have much respect and appreciation for the members of SJI who are dedicated and sincere. Nevertheless I am grateful of how my vacation wasn’t wasted doing nothing at home but how I learnt so much in SJI. I would like to thank each individual working in SJI for their guidance and support and I wish them good luck for the future endeavor.


Three months of experience with SJI (Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative) and making my mind well educated I firmly declare that SJI is such an organization which will make our country truly a GNH (Gross National Happiness) one.
Life is not only about acquiring wealth but in fact the knowledge and the satisfaction that we get from any service rendered and any job that we have done. My volunteer work was inherited with lots of knowledge and experience which was worth than the money that I might have acquired by doing some temporary job.
So, I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to SJI for giving me this opportunity and platform.

KARMA DORJI, Class XII Dagana Higher Secondary School

The world suffers a lot neither because of the violence nor poverty but because of the dearth of civic responsibilities taken by the citizens. Three months of my internship under SJI has provided me the opportunity to tear the doubts which had been lingering in my mind in line with the civic responsibilities. SJI had taught me so much which I haven’t learned in my life. Hence I am sincerely thankful to SJI for giving me the platform to gain knowledge, experiences and to boost my talents. Thank you beyond the earth and the sky.


With successfully completing the 3 months of internship in the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI), I am with much satisfaction that I tried my best in whatever I did. The knowledge I acquired during my internship was so worthy that it helps me a lot in our daily life. Starting from the simple skills like tailoring, shoe repairing and making of crafts work in terms of zero waste and writing reports. Assessment works in terms of education gave me the sense of confidence that I will be able to do something in my life. It was privilege working under SJI. I could learn the thing that would make me independent and sustained through one. Being an intern changed me to a responsible, punctual and hard working woman.
SJI is a platform that we will never be going back without brain full of knowledge. The beautiful about SJI is that it changes the attitude of a people towards the dignity of labour which is actually what Bhutanese people should have.
I would say, my stay at SJI was the best experience ever in my life. For everything I have learnt, I am very much thankful to SJI. With the opportunity I had in SJI, I would proudly walk with a brain full of brilliant knowledge.

TSHEWANG DEMA, Dungsam Academy

The great philosopher Shiv Khera asserts that “Great people do not do different things, they do things differently”.

With this, I Yeshey Tshering currently pursuing B.Sc in Environmental Science, 6th Semester at Sherubtse College has worked as an intern under the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI) for a month. SJI has helped cultivate my level of consciousness, and now I am more conscious about the things I prefer and do. Nevertheless, making choices mindfully is my greatest achievement that I have acquired from SJI.

Furthermore, SJI has facilitated me to enhance the power of socialism, now I have better strength and impression to work together with the people around and inculcate the approaches of creating harmony with community through team work.

At the last, I should not forget that SJI has taught me how to be “SELF RELIANT”, which has actually changed my contemplations and attitude drastically.


A month long internship at the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative has given me, personally, not just field experience of the course I take, but lessons I needed. Lessons beyond the four stated pillars of GNH and beyond words of the text books. Living is not just about yourself and your home, but individual and the society. We may take pride of the great things you have achieved or wealth in your bank account but what when you cannot sweep your own room? There are things more valuable than the metro cities, smart phones and glamorous parties. Experience and grab opportunities to work in such type of institutions to understand about yourself and the surrounding. You won’t regret it. What you do will make you and your community. There is joy in eating what you prepared on a banana leaf, delight in reviving your culture and traditions, and a smile in sharing your experiences. You can make a difference. You can be that difference. A step forward to walk, a little helping hand, a bit of thinking, a consciousness, a hope, an inspiration is what you need. I sincerely thank the SJI and all those who were concerned.


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work as an intern at the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI). My learning experience was not just limited to documenting videos but it was beyond my expectations. Working on various video projects for SJI, I personally think I have implanted those principles within me. SJI has reminded me to be mindful of the choices I make. And above all, without my own notice I have already started to implement the practices. For example, now I proudly refuse the plastic bags from the shopkeeper and carry my own.


The experience had helped to develop and hone my outlook towards life. Working closely with others and with my fellow mates, I have been able to adapt myself into situations that seemed difficult at first but was able to resolve together. I was gradually infused with a sense of responsible attitude for others. Of course, errors and mistakes were often a part of my stay at SJI. Nonetheless, it helped me interact with seniors and staff, who were very friendly and cooperative. Ultimately the experience has been enriching in the development of my personality. On so many levels the experience had broadened my horizon of consciousness and prompted me to think more. A month’s internship at SJI has left me a hoard of experiences and memories which are irreplaceable and valuable. I am grateful to SJI and to all the people that were associated during my days there. I truly feel lucky to have worked in SJI for the experience has been one of a kind. And I am forever indebted for such an opportunity.


Within this sixteen years of my schooling, never was I able to answer why; why am I studying and for what purpose? Is it because it would help me become literate or else is it because it would help me find a job one day? However my one month stay as intern at Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative allowed me to grasp the genuine purpose of attending schools; ‘EDUCATION’. For almost all of us education simply means learning how to read and write and gaining the specified subject knowledge but if given a little bit of extra thought education means going beyond the conventional way of thinking. Education does not mean the qualification that we attain rather it is what we have inside. Therefore SJI is all about the spirit of Bhutanese identity, self-realization, consciousness and communal integration.


Youth experiencing the inexperienced things!!!-

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if listen, you may learn something new”.-Dalai Lama

With the support from UNICEF through Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy and under the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative’s (SJI) supervision towards youth opportunities (internship program for two months) to work in the community, especially at Menchari village under Orong Gewog was magnificent. It was privilege to reach the unreached and experience the inexperienced in any subject matter. As students, we only had conceptual and theoretical knowledge on business environment, but having undertaken practical sensitization on financial literacy at Menchari and to other groups (five vegetable groups and a craft group) under the guidance of SJI, we have gained holistic knowledge and enhanced our mind set in terms of responsibility, sense of belongingness and to be active citizen.

Confined class room learning is not enough for us, be it in the job market or personal level. Exposure through SJI in terms of hands-on experience or skills such as organic agriculture, zero waste craft skills and visit to lead farmers was an inspiring. In general, we developed self responsibility, initiation, and inspired working for deprived community. We are indeed satisfied and hoping for such experiences again.