”The benefit of mindfulness practice will be beyond the sky and the earth…”

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‘‘The mindfulness is actually not that difficult and not that hard to learn and master. However, putting it into practice is a bit difficult. Because getting habituated and accustomed to mindfulness is difficult. While it is said that getting accustomed and used to mindfulness can be difficult, there are no such things as carrying heavy loads. And there will be no costs involved. Mindfulness is just a method to calm and rest your mind. Even if you are able to maintain your mind continuously and consistently for a short while, the benefits will be beyond the sky and the earth. It will help you in your direction. Your ways of teaching your students, mindfulness will be of great help and benefit.’’ —-                                                                                                      Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

              The  students of Kheni LSS in practice mode

The students of Kheni Lower Secondary School in Trashi Yangtse are practicing mindfulness in the class. Thinley Wangchuk, a teacher (one of the Mindfulness Camp participants) said, they do short mindfulness practice before the start of class, to help them settle their minds. Thank you, sir, for sending us the updates and the photos. We look forward to consistent practice.

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