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Alongside the Sera Khandro empowerment program at Bartsam Chador Lhakhang, Tashigang, LME team created a platform for meditation practice. The practice session was to offer an opportunity for those who are interested in group practice and to enhance their practice at the holy site. We were very happy to see many interested people take part in the practice session including foreigners, monks, teachers, lamas, lay people and youths. We did a practice of one hour every evening after the empowerment. An hour session was divided into 5 minutes of practice and 1-minute break including prayer recitation and dedication prayer.  There were some discussion and reflection on practice experience.

First-day participants sharing their experiences.       








The students of Shari School reciting the karma yoga prayer before beginning their social work.


The teachers of Karmaling Higher Secondary School attending the mindfulness presentation as a part of the School-Based In-service Program (SBIP).


The students of Ngamlam Central School practicing sitting meditation.


These bata-slippers belong to Mindfulness club members of Karmaling HSS. The members arrange their slippers as a part of mindfulness practice. A teacher coordinator Mrs. Sangay Wangmo said, ”the practice begins with small things”.



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