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As a new student in school, how many of us have heard our teachers teach, we have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and two ears? One way or the other, we have learned them, in fact, to the extent that we cannot undo. But, have you ever heard our teachers talk, we have so-called a ‘‘Mind’’? If not, there is something big missing in educating our children. The point here is to recognize the importance of one’s own mind, and teaching body parts as well. After all, knowing we have two eyes does not help in being kind, forget about help. So, it is worthwhile to invest time and energy, in teaching about our own mind and its inborn dignity.

We are delighted to see our camp participants play important roles in recognizing the importance of the mind.

                 Karmaling Higher Secondary School boys meditating

             Madam Tshering Yangzom, a camp participant presenting about                              meditation and karma yoga practices to her students

Students of Nganglam Central School practicing meditation in the class

Students in Drukgyel Central Schools (lower campus) doing meditation practice in the class

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