A group of teacher chooses auspicious days for practice!

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In this era of distraction, where we are so influenced by images, videos, headlines, stories, and technologies, to get inclined to a simple watching of breath is a precious influence one can ever make.

Teachers and counselors gathered to practice as a team – Photo by madam Phub Dem

A group of teacher and counselor of Mendrelgang Central School, Tsirang has seven members, who often come together to practice mindfulness as a team. The team comes together to practice during auspicious days of the lunar calendar.

‘‘We have seven people in our school, who practice mindfulness ardently. So, we have formed a mindfulness group, who usually gather and practice team meditation.’’ said, Mrs. Phub Dem, one of the members of the group.

Mrs. Phub Dem, Mr. Jamyang Gyeltshen, and Mrs. Karma Yangzom took part in the winter mindfulness camp of 2017 and 2018. We appreciate and rejoice in their precious influence.

Sincere thank you, to Mrs. Kezang Choden, a teacher (Barzor Primary School, Gomdar), for introducing walking meditation with the students. Thank you for the photo update.

The students of Barzor Primary School, Gomdar, trying out walking meditation

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